The works of Michael Schoenewies

Photo of the Week

Today, I was honored to find out that St. Louis Public Radio chose one of my photos for their photo of the week.

This photo will be featured in the upcoming show at the Foundry Art Centre and will be on display from March 2 – April 13, 2012. The photo will be a part of my series on beautiful decay. There is beauty all around us, you just have to stop and notice it, this photo was of the side of a dumpster that had looked like it had burned at some point.

I will also have a series from my travels in Israel this past May. I will also have a series of photos from the Tire Factory that Peat Wollaeger had invited me to come and photograph. Peat, along with other street artist such as Ender and Tron, had tagged up an abandoned Tire Factory before it was torn down. The City Academy owned the building and had planned an expansion onto the property where the Tire Factory was. The City Academy invited Peat to paint it for a fundraising event before it was torn down.

It was quite a great experience getting to photograph the Tire Factory before it was torn down, I was able to stop by on 3 separate occasions and see the progress of the work that Peat and others were doing.  It was an amazing building with lots of decaying beauty in it and its really a shame it was torn down, it was in great condition and would have made a great art space. You can see the entire series of photos of the Tire Factory on my Flickr page.


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