The works of Michael Schoenewies


The Riverfront Times gave me a write-up/mention in the calendar of events for Friday.

From the article:

Now that smart phones have the convenience of a laptop, personal assistant and surrogate mother wrapped up in a steely graphite rectangle, it’s not surprising that these devices are rarely used for their intended purpose of making phone calls (how quaint!). There exist a bevy of apps to satisfy every plausible artistic streak, but the realm of phone photography has spawned a million budding Ansel Adams, preserving each moment on digital celluloid and sharing them through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Local shutterbug Michael Schoenewies has embraced the camera function on his iPhone and uses his modern gadget to capture industrial decay in striking detail: crumbling bricks, bristling rust and scarred metal are the fodder of his urban poetry.

The opening is Friday, March 2, 2012 at the Foundry Art Centre from 6-8. Hope to see you there!


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